Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Updates and Observations

I haven't taken a hot shower for 3 months and we have a pink bidet in our bathroom.

I sprained my ankle last Tuesday and spent most of the past week on crutches. Ben is on the island of LaGonave this week. Of the vegetable seeds we've planted so far, tomatoes, cilantro, basil and an unknown squash have come up.

Some things we don't take for granted anymore are cheese, sidewalks and electricity. Two batteries for our inverter does not = enough power to keep our refrigerator running.

Haiti is universally rooting for Obama.

Hurricane season ends in November. It's almost mango season.

It takes me seven minutes to get home from work by motorcycle or 40-60 minutes by car. Also, I recently received this text message from an undisclosed number: Preparez-vous, Jesus revient bientot! (Prepare yourself, Jesus is coming back soon!)

I saw two shooting stars from our porch last night.


fredjeanlady said...

Your apartment is a huge answer to prayer...what a lovely place to live...and enjoy your fresh mango season, especially if you can eat them with coconut milk and sticky rice :-), much love!

nerkert said...

I love to think of you checking your little growing things every day (and, even more, I love to think of you and Ben eating your own vegetables!)

Anonymous said...

ya'll are in my thoughts and prayers often. the photos and journalism are fantastic. miss ya!

Timbo said...

shooting stars from your porch? are you kidding?

i'll give up electric any day of the week for that.


Bryan said...

In searching for things to do at night in Dezam I just found out that the Orionids meteor shower was on the 21st, we missed it, but I'm glad you spotted a few.


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