Thursday, December 4, 2008

You know it's Christmas time in Port-Au-Prince when...

  1. Some of the water trucks that play a synthesized version of the Titanic theme song now play a synthesized medley of Jingle Bells, We Wish you a Merry Christmas and Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
  2. It's apparently cold enough for used-clothing vendors on the street to replace tank-tops with jackets. (To be fair, I have worn a cardigan a few times recently).
  3. There is a GIANT inflatable Santa Claus on the roof of the Total station in Petion-Ville.
  4. You can buy Christmas trees (read: tree branches painted white and secured into milk powder cans) on the side of Avenue John Brown.
  5. The larger supermarkets have set up real fake Christmas trees.
  6. Crime rates go up, especially pickpocketing and petty theft.
  7. Colored lights are everywhere, including our porch as supplied by our landlord.
  8. The fancy shops in Petion-Ville have Christmas-themed window displays.
  9. The expats with real salaries are preparing to leave for the holidays.
  10. Intricate luminaries made with colored paper are for sale on Bourdon. Vendors light them up at night and the street looks magical.


Laura said...

Sounds like lots of photo op's! Here we have Black Friday reports that say most stores were down 10% except WalMart & DollarTree up in sales...hmmmm. I'd prefer cool paper luminaries for all...instead of the many thousands of job cuts affecting and/or looming over many families. And all the other world tragedies. Maranatha, Lord Jesus, Come soon!!! And we celebrate His first coming this season. :-)

nerkert said...

You're such a good blogger: you paint a picture and are always interesting. I hope you get a picture of the luminarias.


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