Friday, February 27, 2009

Meet MCC Haiti!

It's about time we officially introduce the rest of the fabulous MCC team here. In early February the 12 of us in Port-Au-Prince went to Desarmes for our tri-yearly konbit ("collective") (which is less romantic than it sounds):
Above: the Peace Program staff (Port-Au-Prince), Reforestation and Environmental Education Programs staff (Desarmes) and support staff from both places

Left: Garly, Jean-Remy and Bryan make music while Guylene, Myriam and Francklin dance along. Garly has been our interim country rep, Jean-Remy heads up the reforestation program, and Bryan is the reforestation program's capacity coordinator. Guylene does conflict resolution training and trauma counseling for partners, Miriam is our new administrative assistant and Francklin is reforestation program staff.

From left to right: Garly, Joseph (accounting and admin), Fritzner (environmental education), Jean-Remy, Francklin, Michelet (also reforestation staff); and center: Kurt's hat. Kurt has been in a job similar to mine, but recently became our new and amazing country representive.

above left: Pancha (connecting peoples coordinator) getting in fully clothed!, Sharon (environmental education) and I take a dip in the river. above right: Kurt, Margot (seconded to the Micah Challenge), Bryan, Sharon, Melek (Desarmes admin), me, Myriam, Guylene and Francklin... all getting distracted?

* the couple with the baby in the team picture at the top are our advocacy folks, Josh and Marylynn Steckley. Their baby is Hayden Jwasiys Steckley. Nahomie and Frantzo (both in environmental education) are also missing.


Nanci Erkert said...

Thanks, Sweetie. I was happy to meet everyone (and mostly to see a few more pictures of you.)

Sharon said...

Well done! One tiny correction: Frantzo is also on the environmental education team.

Lexi said...

whoops, of course he is!

Garly said...

Ben and Lexi,

Good job! I'm very happy to appreciate this work! With Love,



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