Sunday, June 28, 2009

How does your Garden Grow?

Per popular request, here are photos of the terrace container garden that keeps us sane here in Port-Au-Prince. We hope that this vine to the right will eventually bear us loads of passion fruit.

the tomatoes:
herbs and the pepper/parsley patch:

greens and beans:

And our new square-foot garden bed, courtesy of Matt and Esther (thanks guys!):


fredjeanlady said...

Beautiful healthy food! And the deer can't invade yours as they did ours last week...devouring much of our longed for least they left some blossoms after eating many the leaves. Blessings on your garden, on you both too!

ianandmonica said...

Ahh, I want to come and eat out of your garden! So wonderful! We miss you too terribly much. Sinking feeling in stomach thinking about you two. Wish we could have seen you while we were in NC last week. Our paths will cross again soon, we know it.

Anonymous said...

How cool, Lexy!


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