Friday, July 24, 2009

Too busy for you, Blogspot

In spite of lots of interesting blog fodder and goings-on (weekend trips, termites, cargo-bike building, student riots and the UN's shady response, insane work weeks, Fet Sodo, finding a real Thai restaurant in Port!, motorcycle mishaps, the 2-day seminar on food sovereignty for POHDH and partners that Josh and I organized, our visit to a hydroponic lettuce farm and encounter with this man: see here here and here, lots of promising and not-so-promising news updates for Haiti, etc) we have (obviously) not been inspired to blog lately. Maybe it's the sweltering July heat and the fact that we leave in a week to spend some time with our families in North Carolina, or maybe we just have better things to do (for examples, see list above).

For now, we will take the lazy bloggers' out and let photos, links to friends' blogs and news articles do our blogging for us.

Food Sovereignty Seminar:

...playing a game to simulate how food systems work

Jocelyne Colas, Executive Secretary of the National Bishops' Justice and Peace Commission

Camille Chalmers, Director of PAPDA: the Haitian Platform to Advocate Alternative Development

Panel Discussion with representatives from the PFNSA (National Platform for Food Security), CNSA (the government's food security coordination institution ) and PAPDA

Ben and Bryan cut up a mountain bike and a TV stand to build a long-tail cargo bike:

Hydroponics in Haiti:

Alexis stands on a roof to watch a lightning storm:


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Sharon said...

Did you actually end up eating at the Thai place?


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