Thursday, October 15, 2009

Go Figure

Somehow our blogspot user accounts got switched, so that all of the posts I (Lexi) have written over the course of this blog's life now say that they were posted by Ben and vice versa. We hope that this won't cause too much confusion.

Here's a general rule of thumb for trying to figure this out: If the blogpost (a) mentions bicycles (b) talks about being in the Central Plateau (c) is funny or (d) features stunning photography, it was posted by Ben. If the blogpost (a) is a political, social or religious tirade (b) displays mediocre pictures the likes of which Ben would never post (c) links to others people's blogs or (d) quotes extensively from other people and/or articles, it was unfortunately posted by me.

Sorry, folks.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

:) ha ha ha.... I love the way you said that Lexi. Love, MED


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