Saturday, January 16, 2010

If you're still in Haiti: An urgent way you can help

I am currently working on a database for IOM of the camps of internally displaced peoples (IDPs) that are springing up around with city so that those can be matched with the aid that is coming in. This is for the coordinated international relief effort - which we think is very important to be plugged into, more on that later (UN, WPF, IOM, Red Cross etc). One of the problems here is that these major organizations have security restrictions right now and can't be moving around the city without a military escort. Since we don't have those restrictions, I'm looking for volunteers that can email us a basic needs assessment of some of the IDP camps that might be near you. This is extremely important work since as I'm sure you're aware, people WON'T receive aid until these agencies know where they're located.

Here's the information we need:
Name of camp
Address (GPS coordinates as well if that's an option for you)
Communal Section
Population in camp
Population in general area
shelter condition (improvised tents/covers etc?)
the structural safety of the area
Organization that did the Assessment
Contact point for organization
contact for representative at camp
Is there a water source?
Is it accessible by vehicle?
And anything else that you think might be relevant or important to know

Email to with "new needs assessment" or "new camp" as subject as also ask to be added to the contact list.

Email the address above to request a preliminary spreadsheet of IDP locations. If you have any information about the sites that are listed as unassessed, or are willing to travel around and check them out for us, please do.

If you are trying to coordinate relief in your community for a significant number of people and need supplies, please also email that information (or send it as a needs assessment).

PLEASE FORWARD to anyone else that might be able to help.

Thanks and be careful,


Anonymous said...

You guys are freaking amazing. I am praying for you constantly. I am so SO honored to be related to you two. You are my heroes. Love, MED

ianandmonica said...

the podcast really moved us - what else can we say? We are very blessed to know you are there, safe and kickin'. We stand in solidarity with you and Lexi and know that we think of, and pray for you often. It's really encouraging to see how God has used you both in such a mess, and in the midst of so much suffering. Blessings and safety upon you both. If we were there, we would find refuge in your yard as well.
all our love, I&M

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine what you two have gone through. We are praying for you two and pray you are able to heal somewhat from this tragic event. The people of Haiti are so blessed to have people like you to help them out in such a disaster as this. We are very proud of you and continue to pray that God will be with you and the people of Haiti every step of the way. Love Paul, Arianne and family

Tad and Jenna said...

Hi Ben, I am Kurt's brother. We are praying for you guys continually. Keep up the great work!
You are an incredible picture of Jesus.

We haven't heard from Kurt for 2 days. Can you let me know if he is OK when you get a chance? Thanks.

Again, you are doing an amazing job and we are praying without ceasing.


Antonine said...

Livesays need supplies for their clinic.

lewendich said...

I am very impressed of the work you guys are doing there! I pray that the holy spirit will fresh you each moment again and again, that his power will continue to work in you guys, so that you are able to help those who are in need!! May his peace be in you !!!! Gods proteccion and guidance are my wishes for you!!!!

Bruce and Karen said...

Praying that God will give you physical strength and energy, as well as emotional and spiritual strength to bear up under the weight of sorrow and heartbreak that you must feel for the people that you love so much.

Rebecca said...

Ben and Lexi -
A rather late response to your message of a few days ago about emotional responses and your continuing postings about how and what you are doing:

You are right that it's normal to have an emotional response to all of this. Also know that *any* emotional response at this point is normal. So let youself cry, laugh (yes, even now), yell, or just sit and not feel anything. One day you will process all you've witnessed and felt, but don't feel a need to hurry it - if there are things you aren't ready to talk about, all of us reading and listening to your messages can wait. Your hearts and mind will tell you when you're ready to talk.

In the meantime, remember to take care of the basic things for yourselves - eat, sleep, and allow yourselves whatever normalcy and order you can find when you can. (It is not selfishness - you are better able to serve those in even more need that way.)

I hope that's of some help to "hear", for what little it's worth. You are in Evan's and my thoughts all the time and have our undying admiration and best wishes.

Be well,

AM said...


Latitude: 18°31'25.74"N

Longitude: 72°16'28.25"W

Jamie and Ali McMutrie 3456-8321

Margarette Saint Fleur 3760-3915
a blog post I came across today... this info may already be out there, but thought I would pass it on anyway.
Thinking of you all in France,
Anita and Fam (Martha's friend)

Aaron Baum said...

Hey it's Aaron from Fonkoze.

Check out this website which is putting together a map of in-need zones and which might help you get your mapping information out to a wider audience:

Also a fast way to report areas of need, from Digicel:

In Haiti? Text 4636 (International:447624802524) on Digicel with your location and need. Report emergencies and missing persons.

Not sure if either of these help but worth a shot.

You guys are amazing.

Anonymous said...

I'm an old friend of your sister, Laura. Just wanted you both to know that I am praying for you. Thank you so much for being God's hands and feet!!!
Sandy P.


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