Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PaP to PA

1.Sisters Dalanda and Alanda with their grandmother Letilia in a shelter made of bedsheets.
2.The dark, windowless waiting room that we shared with a group of 15 Taiwanese volunteers for 2 hours on our way out of Port-Au-Prince.
3.Catching the Tortug' Air flight to Santo Domingo (which makes the flight arrangements sound much easier than they actually were. Here's hoping that commercial airlines are flying into Port again before the 24th!).
4.Akron PA where we are being soothed by watching the snow fall, meeting the MCC staff that have been tirelessly supporting us in Haiti for the past month and starting to let our minds rest.
5.(Not pictured) I slip on ice, break camera lens and spill my coffee (imagine expletives here).


Megan said...

So happy for you guys that you're both getting the peace, rest, rejuvenation, time... that you need.

The picture of the girls is adorable.

Just typical that your camera lens would make it through a major earthquake and then succumb to an icy patch! :) Continuing to pray for you both.

Julie Staples said...

Rest well.

Have fun in the snow!

Hope we get a chance to see you when you come to the area.

Melissa said...

it was lovely meeting you this week (and don't worry - i made it to the airport just fine)! i hope your time in the US rejuvenates you physically, emotionally and mentally!


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