Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Luna finally came through and delivered not two or three, but FIVE kittens. Naturally, she had them on top of the kitchen cabinets. She's been hanging out up there a lot, so this morning Ben made her a little nest with cardboard and a torn sheet. I guess that's all she needed because by the time we got home from work, she was nursing five black and white, squirmy little offspring (and looking quite exhausted).

I'm glad she had them before my trip to Canada on Thursday. I'll be gone for two weeks and by the time I get back, they will be SO CUTE. You'll have to ask Ben to take lots of pictures since I won't be here to nag him. Any care tips for newborn kittens (or nursing teenage-mom cats) he should know about?


Anonymous said...

woah! awesome!

just make sure you do the whole hand hygiene thing to prevent toxoplasmosis, and get them critters vaccined!

( :

Sharon said...

Yay! Pictures, pictures...[chant]


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