Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reading & Storm

I spent all day Friday editing a short video and while my computer was processing the edits I read almost the whole Henri Nouwen book: The Wounded Healer. This book is about what it means to be a healer in our modern world. I finished the book this morning and it's the best Nouwen book I've read. I found myself in his description of my generation which was a bit of disappointment as I had hoped I was deviant enough to not fit those descriptions. I like Nouwen's writing because he writes simply and most of his books are only 100 pages long, which makes them just conquerable for my attention span. 

Friday, there was a tropical storm here and wind for about 25 minutes that blew down trees, billboards, walls and all sorts of things all over the city. The tent cities I checked out fared amazingly well with maybe only one in ten tents collapsed. People seem to have gotten pretty good at securing their tents. The UN report says five people died - they were crushed under falling trees - and 2000 tents and shelters were destroyed. 


nerkert said...

Thanks, Ben. I ordered it today and look forward to reading it soon. (It sounds like it might qualify toward the 2000 pp that I need to read for one of my courses.) love, Mom

HannahBG said...

I do enjoy Nouwen. It has been a while since I've read The Wounded Healer. I may have to go back and reread it to remind myself.

Glad to know that those in the tents are doing all right for the most part despite the weather conditions. Where to people go when their tents and shelters are destroyed?


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