Sunday, January 9, 2011


Despite hours in front of my laptop with a sprained ankle, I've been lacking words lately (which is a bit uncharacteristic of me, I know). Currently: sitting on my couch with my ankle elevated, perusing schedules of events to commemorate the 12th, the itinerary for next week's meetings with MCC's leadership delegation, a political analysis of the election situation (no results yet but lots of rumors about when they'll be released and what they will be), the flurry of news articles decrying the situation in Haiti, and the rejoining reports and articles from NGOs about the progress they've made or to justify their lack of progress.

In the midst of all that's being announced, denounced and defended, I am trying not to lose sight of what this week commemorates, of the earthquake that shook Haiti (and us) on January 12, 2010.

Reposted from February 2, 2010:

A moment of silence please,
A time of reflection on
The casual destruction
And near immolation
Of much that we love.

Whenever the reason please,
Cease from absconding with
The mutual horror
And engorging on murder
Of much that we love.

I planted a tree please,
And watered the roots for
Many long months
Hoping for mangos
The kind that I love

It was gone in a moment please,
Flattened by debris from
Nearby explosions.
It died in the earthquake
Like much that we love.

So a moment of silence please,
A time of reflection on
The abs/presence of Deity
And responsibility
For much that we love.

- Will Fitzgerald


Anonymous said...

Thinking about y'all lots this week.

Nerkert said...

P.s. That last one was me.

Sharon said...

what. a. year.


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