Sunday, February 13, 2011

On a Personal Note

We have had quite the busy, busy past 2 weeks. Among other things (ie. full time jobs) we:
  • Renewed registration paperwork for the motorcycle (Ben)
  • Worked 4 days for the German Red Cross (Ben)
  • Read more than 300 emails (me)
  • Went to the dentist once (Ben) and twice (me) 
  • Set up an etsy shop for Martha's prints, still in progress (Ben)
  • Got our water pump replaced
  • Got our fridge repaired
  • Got our leaky kitchen pipes repaired*
  • Spent an entire night at the CEP waiting for election results (Ben)
  • Had a bonfire on our driveway
  • Made pickled turnips and radishes and sprouted sprouts
  • Taught 6 classes at the gym (me)
  • Welcomed new MCC colleagues
  • Attended 9 meetings, which is not the most amazing part of my job (me)
  • Kept our garden weeded and watered
  • Tried - and failed - to watch the Super Bowl
  • Decided to leave Haiti for a few months beginning in June 
  • Spent a weekend in the Foret des Pins (photo above)
  • Made some awesome new friends
  • Stayed up all night to finish a video project (Ben) and a funding proposal for a partner organization (me)
Whew. Now you know why you haven't heard much from us lately.

*sigh, but they're leaking again...


caleb said...

SICK pic!!! man I miss the green, we went for a pretty sweet hike to a small water fall today, galax was red, in the 50's... sounds like you guys have been busy, hang in there.


nerkert said...

Wow - gorgeous picture and exhausting list. Glad one decision is made - we're still praying for the next one.


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