Monday, August 29, 2011


I am parked in front of my laptop making up for 3 glorious internet-free days.

Hoping to skype with my globe-trotting husband, who by last accounts has bruised feet from walking around Paris, a stomach full of filet mignon, rabbit, cheese and wine; and is now camping with gypsies in Perpignan.

Tonight I am also:
  • Unpacking my smelly, damp weekend bag -- a result of hastily packing my still-wet bathing suit and towel this morning on Ile à Vache (while my fears of missing the morning's motor boat taxi run were being realized), said wet bathing suit and towel permeating the rest of the bag on an hour-long sailboat ride back to the mainland (main island?), and finally, wet bathing suit, towel and rest of damp bag fermenting on top of a bus for the 6 hours it took me to get back to Port-au-Prince.
  • Applying aloe.
  • Alternately charging my laptop and plugging in the internet, since I don’t have enough power to do both.
  • Scrounging up dinner that doesn’t require cooking, since I’m out of propane.
  • Cursing my anti-paper napkin snobbery, since I’m out of toilet paper.
  • Changing sheets and preparing guest room for tomorrow’s arrival of our fifth house-guest in a month.
  • Going to bed early since (a) I am exhausted by the day's travels, and (b) I will spend tomorrow morning translating for an MCC group visiting TIMKATEC (Timoun Kap Teke Chans), a homeless shelter and trade school for youth, followed by a working lunch with a friend that I need to interview and then two back-to-back meetings downtown. At some point I'll also need to get our propane bottle filled. Oh, and buy toilet paper. 

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nerkert said...

Thanks for this post - I love reading the details of your every day life. Achaa for mildew.


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