Saturday, February 11, 2012

Reimagining Cité Soleil as a GARDEN

On what used to be an acre of trash, amazing friends over at Pax Christi in Cité Soleil have imagined this wonderful project (Haiti's largest urban vegetable garden, planted by children) into being:

It's called the Tap Tap Garden. See here the press release from Bochika, the organization that, along with SOIL (who also put composting toilets on the site), helped make this happen with the support of MCC and others. Be inspired. Really.


Nick said...

Had a chance to visit here and meet with Wilda and Daniel, you're right it's amazing work they are doing there!

nerkert said...

This really is cool. Reminds me of my friend Christine in Yaounde: do you remember the woman with the big tire garden?

Anonymous said...

Hi. Im a fan of the blog. I just returned from my second trip to Fond des Blancs. I have a question for you guys. Before I go back I would really like to speak a bit more creole than Mwen pa konnen. Do you have any recommendations, tips, experiences, you would mind sharing?

Shalom y'all,
Joshua Driskell


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