Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Here Now in NOLA

It's been an insanely busy and sleep-deprived fifteen days since I blogged last. Suffice it to say, an important project was completed, a solidarity housing rights campaign (which you'll hear about even sooner) is being launched and a panel presentation has been given.

Meanwhile, I have resurfaced from the madness, and am in New Orleans. Here, I will eat jambalaya instead of diri kole and listen to jazz and zydeco instead of konpa. Here, I am overwhelmed by:

empty sidewalks
trying not to stand too close to "strangers"
drinking water directly out of the faucet
water pressure
women wearing tights as pants (my sister warned me, still, I was unprepared)
air conditioning

I desperately needed a break, and am so glad to be here. But being in the U.S. always feels complicated, and more so every time I'm back. (There's a long history of this, by the way -- although an American, I didn't actually live in the U.S. until I was 18 years old). Thankfully, New Orleans is a good middle-here. It feels like a very non-U.S. city, and has many historical and cultural ties to Haiti.

Best of all, I am here with these women, and they are like sisters and they are wonderful, beautiful, up-lifting, creative, energetic and loving (pics taken at the Other Worlds staff retreat in November last year):

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