Monday, August 6, 2012

Dear so-and-so

Dear American Airlines,

It would have been nice if you had brought Ben Depp home today, like you were supposed to. And no travel voucher to compensate?! C'mon.

Dear Ed'H (Electricité d'Haiti),

I haven't had power in two days. Everything in my fridge is rotting, my water pump needs you, it's pretty hard to keep the mosquitoes off without a fan and my whole house vibrates with the sound of my neighbor's oversized generator.

Anything you can do would be much appreciated.

Until next time,
Dear avocado season,

I heart you a lot. 

Dear man in green shirt,

I apologize for yelling at you on the street today -- I do try to treat everyone with respect, but you were way out of line. Would you want a stranger talking to your sister like that?


Dear neighborhood mango vendors,

I don't want to begrudge you the space in front of my gate where you come when the mayor's agents chase you off of the street. It's terrible that you have to hide to avoid being beaten by batons and having your mangos stolen! 

The thing is, when you leave trash, the neighbors get annoyed at me for not keeping my section of the street clean. And the dried banana leaves that you use as packing for the mangos (and then discard right there) seem to be attracting all of the neighborhood rats.

Best wishes,
Dear Luna,

About those rats...



nerkert said...

Ashaa many rats and no Ben! (Don't let that Luna-baby get lazy.) And no electricity. Poor Sweetie - I wish that I were there with you.(But on the other hand..)

Anonymous said...

Too hilarious and genius! We moved into our new place where we have no door just an extra-wide and lovely open space and no fe forje on the windows! It's bliss! You might be just the person I need to help me write a letter to my neighbors asking them to get lots of scary dogs to scare off people eyeing our solar panel! Or maybe a letter to all the Haitians and blan who told me I'm gonna get robbed without seeing my door-free house. Thank you for the great reads on your blog. Tres fun!


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