Tuesday, November 27, 2012

bits and pieces of a weekend on the farm





new rock pathway planted with mint and nasturiums // good morning // watercress // fog // fancy a wash? // honey and honeyhive orange // seren (dew) // pine firestarter // farm // horse shit makes great compost


nerkert said...

Love to see you in that environment! I also liked seeing the pine bark: when we were among the Tzeltal, it was a prized gift. To this day, whenever we're starting a fire I'll think about pine bark.

Anonymous said...

these pics make my heart sing !

Esther deGroot said...

Those are some sexy red boots. : )

How nice to have a weekend cottage in Kenscoff : )

You're going to let us know when we can come visit right? Gabriela has her Christmas concert on the 19th so that means we can't be in Port until the 20th at earliest. We'd love to spend a day and maybe even night with you up in Kenscoff. (Do you have a tent? We have a Duvet! : )
We don't expect to be here end of January!


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