Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas trees are for sale at the grocery store we frequent in Pétion-ville for $536.00 and $699.00:
Because we frequent this grocery store so frequently, when we stopped in to pick up coffee yesterday we were gifted with this 10 lb frozen turkey. It's from North Carolina (which is where we are headed in a few short hours) and will provide our neighbors, to whom we re-gifted it, with a Christmas feast.
Unfortunately, not everyone in Haiti will wake up tomorrow to a $700 Christmas tree and free turkey dinner. In fact, not everyone will wake up in a bed tomorrow. Or even in a house with four walls and a roof... 

We are exposed to extreme wealth juxtaposed by extreme poverty everyday, but still this article about poverty in Haiti's displacement camps this Christmas broke my heart. May it break yours, too, and as we celebrate this holiday remind us all that our planet is brimming with injustice, inequality and oppression. The conquering and redemption of all of that is what the season is about, no?


nerkert said...

Why are you posting instead of running for your plane?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alexis & Ben, love this post on Christmas Trees and the relevant article. We had a très lovely time with you at the Wynne Farm. (Planning to go up again tomorrow with some of the Livesays.) How is Christmas lòt bò? Greetings to your families : )
ps Alexis, do you happen to have the e-mail for Elise Voyer?


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