Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Luna has her very own flight reservation!

But we know better than to think that getting this:
 into this:
will be easy.

If it seems ridiculous that the only reason we booked afternoon flights was to give ourselves ample time to put her in a cat carrier, you've obviously not met Luna.


Anonymous said...

We had a tuxedo cat like this once.... and same issue with the cat carrier. We finally figured out that we could stuff her in a pillowcase, hold it at the top, and lower it into the carrier, which was set so the open end was at the top. Then---quick!! fasten the door and set the carrier back down on its bottom. She would emerge from the pillowcase pretty quickly, but was already safely inside with no hope of getting out. Eventually, she developed what my daughters still refer to as "an unnatural fear of pillowcases" :)

Esther deGroot said...

Crazy cat people!!

Steph G. said...

I recommend drugging her milk with benadryl.

nerkert said...

Try this: start now, putting little treats in the cat carrier at random times. Ignore her when she goes in to get them. On the day that you leave - treat goes in the carrier; cat goes expectantly in after it and wham! You're done (except for the yowling and screeching, that is.) The sedative is also a great idea, but take it from my experience: wait until you're on the plane, and give it to yourselves instead of the cat. (Rika is your cautionary tale: a tiny little excited animal has enough adrenaline to overcome massive amounts of sedative.) Besides, you want Luna to be on full alert when she encounters Gracie. (Did I tell you that we found tuffs of bunny fur in the house the other day?)

Anonymous said...

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