Friday, August 8, 2008

9:43 PM I’m listening to a combination of Haitian drumming and rain on our tin roof. This is the latest we’ve been up all week. I’ve been waking up between 5:30 and 6:00 without an alarm clock every morning since we arrived.

Our Kreyol homework assignment two days ago was to write a letter listing what we’ve done so far in Haiti. My letter goes something like this:

M te ann Ayiti depi yon semen. I have been in Haiti for one week. Depi mwen vini isit, map abite nan Gwo Jan nan kay Ari. Since coming here I have been living in Gwo Jan at Ari’s house. Samedi me tem ache a Seguin avek lot moun MCC, kote a me te gade mon bel yo. Saturday I hiked to Seguin with other MCC people, where I saw beautiful mountains. Lapli te tombe anpil. It rained a lot. M te manje Ayisyen epi m te aprenn fe manje Ayisyen. I’ve eaten Haitian food and have learned to cook Haitian food. M te fe konesans avek nouvo zami Ayisyen anpil yo. I have made many new Haitian friends. M te lave rad mwen epi m te mete yon nan soley. I handwashed my clothes and put them in the sun to dry. M te passe yon jounen nan Port Au Prince. I spent a day in Port Au Prince. Map komans aprenn kilti Ayisen ak m te deja aprenn ase Kreyol pou ekri let sa. I am starting to learn Haitian culture and have already learned enough Kreyol to write this letter. M genyen bon eksperyans yo icit en Ayiti. I am having good experiences here in Haiti.


Anonymous said...

Impressive-not only are you learning to speak Kreyol but write it as well. Now I have to ask-which one of you wrote it. I'm thinking Lexi (sorry, :)

Matt said...

How come the story about hunting monkeys never got published and translated on the blog??? Love seeing all the pics... keep them coming!


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