Thursday, August 7, 2008

MCC konbit

We've had such limited access to the internet in Gwo Jan that we haven't been able to update our blog since the 1st. As soon as we can, we'll catch you up on everything that we've been doing in Gwo Jan. It's been a busy week.

Today we're in Port Au Prince sitting in on one of the quarterly MCC konbit (which literally means 'collective'). There are 19 of us, including Mark Epp who is the MCC Associate Director for Latin America and the Caribbean. Most of the MCC staff here is Haitian, which was one of the main reasons that we were interested in working for this organization. Thankfully Mark doesn't speak Kreyol, so everything is being translated into English. I'm trying to listen and Ben is writing a short story in broken Kreyol about hunting monkeys.

Part of our conversation this morning and one of the key issues here has been food security. You may have seen Haiti in the news in April when riots broke out due to rising food prices. MCC is trying to address this problem by supporting local food production and reevaluating the organization's use of material aid.

That's all the updating I have time for at the moment.

Pita! ("Later")


nerkert said...

Love the photos! I was happy to see another post, and delighted to see all of the great photos and especially the ones that have either of you in them. I'm spreading the word about the blog.

fredjeanlady said...

Blessings to you both from the Depps...your last photos are very helpful to give a sense of Haiti..well done...impressed with the MCC team members you hiked with...they look to be a good group to get to know for fellowship and fun in the work...

Sandy and kids just left us for travel to her parents...Elias and Zakariyas are now authentically smiling!!! great fun...all here are well and looking forward to every post you put together...Love from all, Dad and for Mom et al


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