Thursday, September 11, 2008

20 of our favorite things

So, the deal on our amazing apartment fell through - the landlord decided that we should sign a two year lease and pay in full, up front. That, in addition to our foiled plans for the week has left us feeling pretty bummed out about Haiti. Someone helpfully suggested that we make a list of the things we LIKE so far about being here and we thought we should share what we came up with:
  1. that people greet each another with a kiss on the cheek
  2. avocados
  3. the murals and advertisements painted on walls all over Port-au-Prince
  4. tap-taps (we promise to post pictures soon)
  5. water trucks that play a synthesized version of the Titanic theme song from speakers mounted on the roof. Also with horns that sound like fake police sirens.
  6. the French bakery up the street
  7. Haitian hot chocolate - made with dark, bitter, locally produced chocolate, cinnamon, cloves, star anise, nutmeg and lemon peel
  8. mountains
  9. beaches
  10. honking the horn. Maybe it's a function of having learned to drive in Cameroon, but I LOVE being able to honk the truck horn with no restraint as I squeeze between two vehicles on a road clearly not designed for multiple lanes
  11. KPL
  12. shopping in crowded street markets
  13. mayi moule (so much like grits!)
  14. the MCC library (read: hundreds of books that we can check out for free)
  15. riding a dirt bike in the city
  16. that Kreyol is written completely phonetically
  17. the tree on the road in Petionville with faces carved into its trunk
  18. Wyclef Jean's song "President" from the Welcome to Haiti: Creole 101 album
  19. oil drums recycled into metal sculptures
  20. spicy peanut butter

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Exline said...

Hey Guys! Our prayer for you is that you find more and more to love in Haiti. We also pray for dry weather and that you find your apartment soon. You are amazing! Love!!
Terry and Lori

we sent a box, hope you got it or get it soon


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