Friday, September 26, 2008


I miss home. Not that I know where that is, exactly. For me "home" is a pretty abstract collection of places, experiences and people: 18 years growing up in sunnyhumidhot Cameroon, the mountains of North Carolina (where I almost felt like I did have a home), Ben's parents' basement and whole wheat waffles and our vegetable garden, my sister, my bicycle and our tent (4 months is, after all, almost as long as I've lived anywhere else since college), my parents' couch in Waxhaw, a beat-up 1990 Toyota Corolla plus bumper stickers (whose ownership has been transferred to Laura). Home is Ben, too. But he's working and traveling and I still haven't started my job. So far home is not Haiti.
My solution to this is: We need to find an apartment! I need to unpack my suitcases and start growing things on a windowsill and be able to hang out in my underwear. I need to learn my way around what will be our neighborhood: to meet neighbors and make friends and figure out how to get to the market. I need to feel like somehow I belong here. Because right now it would be easier to buy a ticket to North Carolina and my parents' couch than to spend another homeless jobless week in Port Au Prince.


Karen said...


Just wanted you to know that you haven't been forgotten. All of us at Charlotte 24-7 are thinking about the 2 of you and keeping you in our prayers. I have been following your blog and am lifting you up before our faithful God as I read every day. Let me know if there is any specific way that I can be praying for you.

Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

I have not met you, but have been praying for you and following your adventures in Haiti. My parents were in your small group in Mattews-Terry&Lori Exline. Anyway, I have friends adopting from Haiti and have since come across some great americans also there to love on the people and try to make a difference. I just saw some of them post about a new web-site that is hopefully going to be a connection for anyone in ministry in Haiti. The site is:
I know things are grey right now with not have a real home and jobs and such, but I thought maybe this would at least give you a few more contacts. Know that my husband and I will continue to lift you in our prayers. God Bless, Laura Ingram

Hannah said...
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Anonymous said...


Nich and I have been checking your blog every so often and share your stories with our friends here. You are being lifted into the Lord's hands in prayer. I know how empty it can feel sometimes to feel like you're not "home" in the place you live in ... we've been in our current abode for two months now, and it still doesn't quite feel right. Your hearts are always at home in the Lord, and I hope that God sends little (but obvious) reminders every day that you are loved a lot.


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