Saturday, April 18, 2009

Election Day

is tomorrow, but it doesn't look like voter turnout will be very high. In general (and with reason), Haitians are pretty disillusioned by the electoral process. Given Haiti's history of electoral violence, others are simply too scared to go out and vote. It's unclear whether that fear is well-founded, although anti-government and CEP demonstrations are being predicted. I will be acting as an election monitor in and around Gonaives, Saint Mark and Desarmes, so I hope that those areas stay calm.

In a February blog post I discussed some of the controversy leading up to these elections. If you're interested in follow-up reading, here are two fairly good articles I've come across:
Haiti's Senatorial Elections Already a Fiasco
Haiti: Fanmi Lavalas Banned, Voter Apprehension Widespread

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