Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Campers

the view

Along with just about every other outdoor activity, camping is one of the pastimes we sadly gave up when we moved to Port-Au-Prince (though granted, everyday life here sometimes feels like camping). But on a recent hike in the mountains above the city, we realized that maybe just maybe we could pull off camping in Haiti. On Good Friday we and the Thompsonowaks packed up what limited camping gear and warm clothes we have here and set out for the Wynn Farm. Turns out that yoga mats make great sleeping pads.

Happy Campers 1
Sunset over the mountains

Camp stove Ben cleverly made from 2 soda cans:

Happy Campers 2 (note how happy we are to be laying in grass!):


fredjeanlady said...

Looks gorgeous! Would you like some of your camping equipment next?
love, Mom

Karen said...

Why are you so happy without me? All I ever do is frown all the time since you're gone.


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