Monday, November 30, 2009

How to Build a Cargo Bike in Haiti

How to Build a Longtail Cargo Bike - More DIY How To Projects

Bryan and I recently finished this bike. We've showed it off (in other words, ridden it around) and a lot of people seem to really like it. The idea is to make a couple and hopefully people will replicate them to carry goods to and from the market or whatever else they need to carry (like a half a dozen kids to school).

I just bought a beat up BMX bike to build another type of cargo bike. It's going to be even sweeter.


Matt said...

Totally rad! Now, when you man-up you'll build an SS cargo bike! JK

I'd like to see it all loaded up with bags of sugar, oranges, or whatever cargo of choice

caleb said...

Awesome man! way to go, just need a big yellow banana peel seat.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely awesome :) I don't know how I missed this post before. Your instructions are great and I LOVE the picture of you with your rooster headress. Love, MED

ianandmonica said...

yeah - maybe we could put some pom poms on it and some streamers and cruise around Grand-Goave for a test run. Look forward to seeing you guys soon. We're back! Much love - I & M


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