Saturday, November 21, 2009

How To Candy Grapefruit Peel in Haiti

1 grapefruit tree
1 friend to spend hours slicing and scraping grapefruit peel with you
3 large aluminum pots made from recycled cans
300 gourdes worth of sugar (or one large Digicel bag full)
8 steel cups and plates to keep ants away while the candy dries overnight
Enough electricity to watch two movies while you:

Pick, Slice, Boil, and Dry


Sharon said...

You forgot "One charged laptop and one good movie to distract you during the hours of cutting and scraping..."

Rebecca said...

You ladies are my heros in so many respects. I made apple sauce in a crock pot earlier this season...does that count as the New York state alternative?? Memn wi you get "extra credit" for picking the grapefruit. : ) and sorry to hear the house has electrical/sun limitations, some furry not quite friends outside (but am very excited to meet the furry friend inside. A pita!

caleb said...

hilarious, Jody was just trying to dig some of that up at Moms, looks tasty!


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