Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's a weekend for?

Sleeping in, lounging around...? Not around here! Our weekend was replete with:

Ben, ever the optimist: How long do you think before this styrofoam plate is clogging a canal in Cite Soleil?

Soccer Games
U.S. versus Ghana at Garly's house (Note: place of origin wins out over passport when it comes to who I support in the World Cup. Go Africa! Which at this point in the Cup = Go Ghana!).
Argentina versus Mexico at "Hang"

We planted three more tires with cabbage, arugula, beets and radishes.

Ben took a stab at making pita bread for dinner guests. It was delicious.
And more...


Rebecca said...

Li wikend konsa ki bay nou rezon pou di "nou remen ayiti" : ) - hope I still have a weekend or two like this left in my Haiti time...but for now, I'm loving the Finger Lakes

nerkert said...

I love seeing you relax, smile, enjoy friends and food and Haiti.

Bikejuju said...

We have an awesome simple pita recipe, though your looks plenty tasty. http://thetanglednest.com/2009/07/homemade-pita-cool-bread-for-hot-days/

Alexis said...

Thanks, Tom! We'll check it out for sure.


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