Saturday, April 9, 2011

Luna is 2 for 2

We originally got Luna because she was such a cute and promising rat deterrent. When she was still a kitten she would hesitantly chase rats her same size around our yard. She's all grown up now and there are no rats.

But there are birds. Yesterday morning at 6:00 AM she brought a gold finch into our bedroom and let it go so that it could half fly around our room for her to chase. When I finally got a hold of the bird Luna jumped 3 feet in the air and grabbed it back out of my hand. This morning, I came home from running errands and found a huge dove dissected on our bedroom floor. I have to admit she's pretty good at hunting. I feel a little bit of pride mixed with disgust - probably how a parent feels when their child wins an MMA fight:


Stephanie said...

Good to see your blog is back. I read this and thought of my cat Mittens, who killed a bird just today and brought it in the house while I was gone and spread feathers all over my bedroom. She will soon be on her way to wreak havoc on Haiti's bird population.

Alexis said...

Sweeeeet! Can't wait to see you and Mittens!


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