Monday, May 2, 2011


: we haven't actually dropped off the face of the earth.

We have, however, made blogging less of priority as we deal with life and work and some major decision-making... (as well as taking some family/community time and time on the beach in Port Salut). Some big changes are in the works, which we will share soon.
surprise pak choy coming up in the oat grass

 surprised that a pineapple can be growing in a small pot

Last Sunday the truck broke down as were coming back from the South. We found a mechanic in Miragoane whose shirt read, "SURPRISE" on the back in block letters. Underneath was an advertisment for a funeral home. Surprise, indeed.


nerkert said...

So glad that you're back. (But sad that Luna will scroll off of the top of the blog.)

Laura said...

Thinking of ya! Love & hugs, L


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