Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Now that we're back in Haiti

Ben's anti-social tendencies hit an all time high this morning when, after his computer crashed and we ran out of propane, he built a fire on our driveway to make coffee. To be fair, later we both braved rush-hour traffic on the motorcycle to get our propane tank refilled. We were 10th in line at the gas station and it only took 45 minutes.
We know have been so.bad at posting. We plead busyness and over-heatedness: the heat has been sweltering, resulting in multiple showers a day and restless nights.

We've both been working from home since I started my new job, which at the moment has me all tied up in research, interviews and editing for a very exciting project. Being at home all day is taking some getting used to and also has us using more electricity than previously. Sadly, our power inverter has not risen to the challenge.

We're actually feeling quite clever tonight, since it finally occurred to us to stoke up the portable generator that F&J gave us when they left Haiti. THANK YOU. Since it probably hasn't been used in a year, it took a few starts (okay, 2 hours) and a trip back to the gas station, but now we are happily recharging our feeble batteries so that we can keep sitting in front of our computers. And a fan.

We are glad to be back. Really.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's just necessary to get creative with coffee making! Yay for generators! (Megan)

nerkert said...

And we're delighted to have you back. Sorry about the heat but very glad that you have power for the fan now.

Joanne said...

coffee makes everything better! :)


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