Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why do we leave everything to the last minute?

On today's to do list:
  • Clean and pack away our camping gear, which we sadly do not have opportunity to use in Haiti
  • Clean and pack away Ben's mountain bike
  • Cut Ben's hair
  • Clean downstairs bathroom, post-haircut
  • Laundry, 3 loads
  • Drop our little diesel Rabbit off at my parent's house
  • Final internet downloads before we leave the land of fast internet
  • Take one last hike in the woods
  • Scour attic for Ben's health insurance information
  • Call my grandmother
  • Make lots of other calls
  • Pack
  • Weigh suitcases
  • Re-pack
  • Print flight itineraries 
  • Rest up for our 4 AM departure for the airport. Who ever thought 5:50 AM flights were a good idea?
We both fly out tomorrow, but Ben is leaving me to hand-carry motorcycle tires and smuggle a kombucha scoby into Haiti on my own. He's headed to the Dominican Republic for a 2-day photo assignment for American Airlines' in-flight magazine. I'll be cuddling with Luna and cursing mosquitoes and our slow internet connection by tomorrow afternoon.

Pictures of our fun vacation month coming soon...

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Because that is what the last minute is for. Thanks for the reminder to download while I'm on the better internet connection here in Tanzania. Hope you had a bon voyage. See you in PAP soon!


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