Monday, October 24, 2011

Around Here

It is getting dark now at 5:30. Even at summer solstice it is only light until 6:30 or so. Still, an hour makes such a difference in our hectic lives.

No matter how hard we try to create space, things never seem to slow down.

Today, Ben is off to the North for three days. He's taking pictures of agricultural work supported by Groundswell International. Check them out. We are increasingly critical - on our worst days acrimonious, even - of the international humanitarian aid and development world, but there are still plenty of organizations out there that humble and re-inspire us. Groundswell is one.

The manuscript for the book that I have spent the last four months helping to edit, research and fact-check is due on October 30th. Let's just say I'm a wee bit stressed out.

Thankfully, Saturday and the annual Artisanat en Fête provided a nice break from my computer and a chance for me to acquire yet more Haitian art (eeps).

Now that the mayor of Pétion-ville is repressively cracking down on street vendors, some of my favorite market ladies - think pumpkins, piles of gleaming shallots and vine-ripened tomatoes, sour oranges and bunches of chard - have been pushed from their usual spaces to a spot approximately 500 feet from our front door. Are we spoiled or what? 

Meanwhile, Luna's new favorite napping spot is among the bright orange impatiens that I planted last week. She spends her days looking like she's posing for a cat calender. It's seriously too cute.

Now, it's back to fact-checking I go!


Karen said...

You have a seriously-too-cute kitty and a seriously-too-talented photographer husband. Where are the pictures?
p.s. Franc says meow (a.k.a. "hi") to his Haitian cousin

Sharon said...

Speaking of missing pictures: where is your Fet Atisana haul?

Rebecca said...

hah, of course these two lovely wise ladies asked exactly the questions I was going to ask! Nap tann we! (or I'll see in person either pre or post Tgiving...not sure yet when my next trip is..but word on the street is that the Depps are heading to NC for T-giving. Bon bagay)


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