Friday, October 7, 2011


My ankle is sprained. (Yes, because I tripped over a pothole. Yes, again). Today, two lovely friends came by to check on me and brought fèy, leaves, which they massaged onto my ankle to make the swelling go down.

In contrast to conventional ankle-sprain-wisdom chez nous, I've been told repeatedly by Haitians NOT to put anything cold on the sprain. (Ice, anyone?) And because everyone here - from my neighbor to the MCC cook to my housing activist colleague - has prescribed that I rub on lwil masketi (castor oil), I did a little poking around on the web and what do you know, Lance Armstrong concurs.


Nanci Erkert said...

Ashaa for sprained ankle. (I'm boiling leaves this weekend, too, as I'm using papaya leaf tea for my malaria prophylaxis.) Did it take the swelling down?

Rebecca said...

So sorry about the ankle...but glad you've expanded your knowledge of herbal remedies for maladies beyond the smudge stick ; )


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