Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birthday Blog

He-ello, remember us? We used to blog here.

Our days have been extra crowded of late. Here is a list of blogs that we've considered posting, but have been too busy working or playing to follow through on:
  • kanaval 2012: round two (cousins visit and we do all kinds of cool stuff)
  • let there be light (on 4 days with no electricity and Haiti's last minute switch to daylight savings time) 
  • to buy or not to buy a bulletproof vest (Ben's ruminations on being a journalist and Haiti's "security" situation)
  • the glorious experience of PARAGLIDING in Jacmel
  • recent political madness
  • pictures from a lovely long weekend in and around Cap-Haitian
  • our vegan + gluten-free diet experiment [sorry, no birthday cake, Ben]
  • the abrupt start to another rainy season

Today is another crowded day as we celebrate Ben's birthday and also remember Martha on the one-year anniversary of her death.


Rebecca said...

Bon Fete Ben and nap sonje Martha tou - looking forward to sharing stories over a prestige tonight!

nerkert said...

If you're even considering the question, I vote yes on the bulletproof vest.

Gleitschirmflug said...

Hello! I've just added this blog to my bookmarks and now waiting for good posts from you.


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