Sunday, March 4, 2012


This song quite literally provided Haiti's soundtrack for February. Each year, all of Haiti's top bands and artists write a carnival song. J. Perry's 'Dekole' (which means to take off or to become unstuck) was among this year's favorites. Weeks after carnival's end, this song is still blaring from just about every taptap and corner boutique. It's certainly still in the top five at our neighborhood Cyber Cafe/Barbershop/Beer Joint.
The video was filmed in Jacmel, a lot of it at the Hotel Florita, and Miss Haiti stages her entrance at minute 2:17. 

M’ta renmen pou peyi-m dekole // I would like my country to take off
Ole-o, ole-o, ole-o, dekole-ole-o
Ayiti cheri, m’sonje lontan ou te la pèl dèzanti // Haiti darling, I remember you used to the the Pearl of the Antilles
La Perles des Antilles // The Pearl of the Antilles
Yo maltrete-w bèl ti peyi mwen // They mistreat you, my beautiful little country
Men sa pa fini, wap reprann figi-w // But it's not over, you'll recover your image
Ooh-o, Ouh-o

Si-n vle peyi-n avanse// If we want our country to move forward
Fòk nou mache tèt kole // We need to work together

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