Saturday, May 19, 2012

Grace Village (Post removed temporarily)


Yesterday I shared information about rights abuses in Grace Village camp in Carrefour, along with an action alert from Amnesty International

I stand by everything that I wrote, knowing that my information comes from credible first-hand sources (the camp residents themselves, along with the community activists and human rights lawyers - who are also trusted friends - that are working on their behalf).

However, the post has already generated vehement responses from individuals and organizations that are supporting Grace International, which I feel a responsibility to address thoughtfully. In the meantime, I will temporarily take down this post. To those of you that did send comments in defense of Grace International and the situation at Grace Village: I would love to have a conversation about this with you. Please email me directly through the profile on this blog.

Meanwhile, to contact Haitian authorities and demand an end to the human rights abuses that are most certainly occurring in Grace Village, you can download Amnesty's Action Alert here in English, French and Spanish.

With love,


Mike McDonald said...

Hey Lexi, Thank you so much for taking your post down for the moment. I totally respect that you stand by your words and I know that it takes great humility to do what you did and with such grace. I would be happy to talk to you about Grace Village anytime you would like. My email is or my cell number is 503-799-9231. I would also be happy to get together the next time I am in Haiti. I send at least one team a month of anywhere between 15-30 people who stay at the hospital in Grace Village. I also will give you Jeff Hartley's information. He lived in Grace Village for the last year and a half and just came back to portland 6 weeks ago. His email is Also a guy named Grant Pautz has been living on the property for the last 2 months straight. His email is All of us have relationship with both sides, the people in the village (We have built over 50 permeant homes for them as well as bathrooms, 2 forty foot containers of food, clothing, solar lights, etc) and with the family that owns the property. Again I respect you and Ben a ton and have followed you Blog as I have a huge heart for Haiti and plan on being there hopefully for the next 20-30 Years. Again thank so much for listening and I look forward to being able to help you in any way that I can.
Mike McDonald

Alexis said...

Hi Mike, Thanks for leaving this info. I'll be in touch shortly! We had a bit of crisis-ridden weekend, so it may take me a few days.
Peace, Alexis


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