Sunday, May 6, 2012

Prestige! Award(s)!

It's no secret -- we love to tilt back a cold one. In Haiti, we have our choice of one domestically produced beer: Prestige. It's a light lager, cold & delicious on a hot day (which is every day) and costs 85 cents at the cybercafe/ barbershop across the street. And for twelve years, Prestige has made the very most of having won the 2000 World Beer Cup. See the picture above of the bottle's label (taken by Ben).

Ladies and gentlemen, this tired label is about to change. Yesterday, Prestige took home another gold at the 2012 World Beer Cup, in which 3,921 beers competed in 95 categories. To quote the Miami Herald, who quotes the president of the US Brewers Association, "It's called 'The Olympics of Beer Competition' for good reason."

Read more here:

Given our obligatory allegiance to Prestige, it feels a little blasphemous to post the following youtube review, but it had us howling with laughter. Choice excerpts include:

"It's from Haiti, and they've had a lot of problems over there in Haiti, so definitely probably a good thing to support them right about now."

"It says it's a World Beer Cup Winner, but probably not many beer companies competing in that one, just to be diplomatic about it." ... Yeah? Well, look who's laughing now, dude.

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Listing Straight said...

Prestige.... Truly a wonderful, wonderful beer... I removed the label from one of my bottles and brought it home with me, just to remember.

I remember it was particularly good with some banan pez and pikliz...

Hope that you are well, and thank you again for all you post, words and images.


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