Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Election Follow-up

As it turns out, none of the senatorial candidates got the majority vote necessary to win the election. A re-vote (which is different from redoing the vote in the places where the election has been annulled) has been rescheduled for June. Redoing the vote in the Central Plateau will take place on an undetermined date sometime after June. The government hasn't annulled the election in the Artibonite, or even just in the Verettes area (read my last blogpost if you want to know why this is apalling). I hate to dwell in cyniscm, but I keep returning to the fact that thus far it has cost $16 million to hold an election 2 years late, with less than 11 % voter turnout and no conclusive result. I need some hope. (Just not Hope II).

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