Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My new bike

So I bought this hot bike for $35. It's a Trek from the 70's or 80's. Bryan and I went bike shopping in Saint Mark where there are a few vendors, each with ten or twenty bikes. To demonstrate the bikes' durability they bounce them off the ground in front of us. This bike wasn't for sale but when I walked over to look at it the owner appeared and started giving me a sales pitch.
After I bought it, I flipped the handlebars and chopped them off for a more upright stance. Bryan had a small handful of bar-tape that covers a few inches of handlebar. I chucked the front-derailleur because I won't ever go fast enough in Port to use the big chain ring, and my little brother brought me some new 1 1/4 tires, my Brooks seat and my BMX helmet. I haven't had time to ride much yet but it's going to be so awesome. I'm going to hit some single-track in the countryside tomorrow and hope the bike holds together.


Anonymous said...

This is rad. Now chuck the gears in the back and rip off the cables, and you'll have an awesome retro singlespeed. Then you can submit it to

Matt said...

I wonder if you can get some CX tires to hold on those rims? Your singletrack experience would be much better with some small knobs!


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