Sunday, August 29, 2010

10 Things We Did This Weekend

  1. Slept in.
  2. Went on a walk.
  3. Listened to NPR podcasts.
  4. Made chana masaledar.
  5. Read the May 2010 issue of The Sun. It has a beautiful cover of carrots being harvested + a great interview with Sandor Katz on fermented foods.
  6. Went to "Sinema Anba Zetwal" - Cinema under the Stars - to see our friends' awesome racine band and Clowns Without Borders. There were also break dancers, mimes, fire jugglers, PSA's and other terrific musical acts.
  7. Attended Mirlonde's wedding (deserving of a full post if I get the time).
  8. Had brunch with 13 old and new friends squeezed into our house.
  9. Family cuddle time, which was Luna's favorite part of the weekend.
  10. Finished taking in a pair of Ben's shorts that were falling off of him. He clearly needs more chana masaledar!

1 comment:

nerkert said...

Sounds both busy and relaxing at the same time - like having two weekends. Nice.


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