Sunday, August 8, 2010

Monday through Saturday

Another week has flown by. This week included our two-year anniversary of moving to Haiti (which incidentally is the longest I've lived in one place since high school) and my birthday. Here's a bit of a breakdown for you:

Monday drove back from Desarmes, picked up AW - MCC's new policy analyst for Latin America and the Caribbean at the airport. Tuesday meetings with AW and some MCC partner organizations, visit to UN logistics base, etc. Wednesday cheesecake for my birthday during the 7+ hour drive on horrendous roads to Cap Haitian, rum punch for my birthday on a lovely terrace overlooking the ocean and dinner at the Hotel Roi Christophe, built in 1724. Thursday drive to Ounaminthe on the border to visit the free trade zone, meet with factory workers and with Batay Ouvriye (this will receive a post of its own when I get the chance), quick stop off in Milot to ride horses up to the Citadel, back to eclectic hotel in Cap with disassociated cement body parts as garden sculptures. Friday drive from Cap to Montrouis. 

Monday shot pictures for a university magazine of a visiting trauma therapist doing debriefs in an IDP camp and his new camera arrived (the Canon 5D Mark II). Tuesday worked on a story on forced evictions of earthquake victims with new freelance writer friend. Wednesday captioned and sorted pictures, evening visit to an IDP camp and more work on evictions story. Thursday met and took pictures of the Minister of Tourism, then on the way to take pictures of Bill Clinton meeting with Haitian businessmen, distracted by raras campaigning for Wyclef Jean. Took pictures of Wyclef outside of the controversial CEP (provisional electoral council) where he was registering as a presidential candidate. Friday slept in until 7:30 when a friend bringing us a bucket of cherries banged on the gate. Discovered that the avocados are ripe on one of our avocado trees, then a 2-hour motorcycle trip to Montrouis. 

We both caught the tail end of the MCC's annual retreat at the beach on Friday and on Saturday, attended the beach wedding of our MCC coworker Kettelie (marrying her common law husband of 24 years) and fell into bed exhausted when we finally got home.

Today the rest of my advocacy delegation arrives. We have another fun and all too busy week ahead.

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nerkert said...

Thanks for this update. Sounds like you're both thriving, although I know what the stresses and hassles can be.


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