Thursday, August 5, 2010


Wyclef Jean came and registered as a presidential candidate and a lot of people (most of whom were paid) came out to support him, young people and a lot of Aristide supporters. I actually think he has a chance here.

Wyclef aside, with all of the rebuilding contracts about to be awarded I'm guessing that whoever becomes president will have the opportunity to make a ton of money.

I didn't really want to go take pictures of Wyclef because there are something like 50 presidential candidates and hardly any of the foreign news reports mention more than just Wyclef. I went ahead and shot the pictures because they might sell and I figure that it doesn't actually matter what the rest of the world knows about Haiti's presidential candidates because the election will hopefully be decided by the people here. It is too bad that there is so much Wyclef coverage because that space could be used to tell worthwhile stories. And this blog post is one more example of that. I went where the money is.


nerkert said...

The Observer implied the same thing you did when it covered Wyclef's candidacy, noting that the winner will preside over a lot of money. (It should have used one of your terrific photos.)I keep wondering when some teeny bopper will ask me if our organization is named after him.

Rebecca said...

In all seriousness, your photos are the best I've seen of the event. Can't help but imagine the first one as a Rolling Stone cover. I'll have to share my friend Alan's theory about what is going to happen with Wycelf's candidacy when I see you - wonder if it's shared sentiment.

Joanne said...

really, really great pics, ben.


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