Saturday, October 23, 2010


Pierre Belizaire is being treated for cholera. He believes he contracted cholera from drinking water from the Artibonite river. Belizaire has been in public hospital in Verettes for one day and feels like his health is improving. 194 people are dead and 2,364 are confirmed to have cholera in the Artibonite and Central departments in Haiti. This strain of cholera is the most deadly and some victims have died within 3 or 4 hours of exhibiting symptoms. There are unconfirmed reports of cases in and around Port Au Prince. 


Fred and Jean said...

We are praying for Haiti and for you both! much love! M & D

nerkert said...

Heartbreaking, but it does have Haiti back in the news here. NPR is reporting on the outbreak hourly. (Have you been vaccinated?) Also a big (and very difficult to read)article in the Observer this morning about the escalation in human trafficking since the earthquake.


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