Sunday, October 31, 2010

Luna is One

Luna's first birthday was sometime this month. Don't worry, we're not dorky enough to celebrate.

A year ago, we moved into this house and quickly discovered that the yard was overrun by rats. Seriously big ones. At the same time, MCC's cat Noche had a surprise litter of kittens and little Luna was the only survivor. Adamant non-pet-owners (we're busy, we travel a lot, we don't want the responsibility, etc, etc), we finally caved. This is what did it:

Well, her irresistible adorableness and the giant, gross rats.

Being that we're not super responsible cat parents, Luna was preggers by the time she was 5 months old. I maintain that the fact that there were no vets open for several months after the earthquake absolves us of some of the blame for this.

In May, she had FIVE kittens.

Luna's had a rough first year, what with getting pregnant, nursing 5 (and then 4) kittens while she was still a kitten herself and dealing with the trauma of us stealing her children to give them away. Then there was the rogue tomcat (baby daddy??) that was sneaking in and eating her food every night for months. We have finally resolved that situation and she is now approaching a healthy one-year-old-cat weight.

We have no rats, none of the geckos in our house have tails and, bonus for me, it's super cute to watch her cuddle up to Ben.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Lunababy!

Franc was going to send you a birthday treat, but he ate it.

Karen, Abe, Cash & Kovach kitties

Anonymous said...

What?! Our little Lunababy didn't have a party?!

josh m. said...

geeez you erkerts and your cats....

Steph G. said...

Your kitty looks so much like mine, only yours has pretty blue eyes! Mine sure does kill the rats too.

caleb said...

guess its time to tell you Violette needs a cousin:)something for you guys to work on in all your free cuddle time. :)


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