Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mil Mèsi (1,000 Thanks) probably not enough. We are creeping up on NINE months since the earthquake and still haven't properly thanked all of you for the many kind & loving messages we've received this year through this blog, facebook, email, skype, phone calls. We have been overwhelmed by your interest and support and yet, embarrassingly, have failed to respond to most of your messages. We're not super great communicators, which makes it that much more amazing that we manage to update this blog on a regular basis. But we love you and love receiving your comments and messages. I'm slowly trying to go through many of them to respond, but quite frankly, the past nine months aren't ones that we want to relive. So if I don't get to you, please know how much your words have meant to us.  

In Kenscoff this weekend:


nerkert said...

Love, love, love the photos. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You two are awesome, as are your lovely photos : ) It's great to see you relaxing and laughing and enjoying beauty. And, supporting you has been an honor. Love, MED


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