Monday, November 15, 2010

Food Days

I love this season. Although the markets in Port-Au-Prince are pretty consistent year 'round, the harvest for Haiti's fall planting season begins around mid-November so the markets will be bursting with fresh goodness for the next couple of months. It's also citrus season, so grapefruit, chadek, mandarins, oranges (sweet and sour) and key limes (sitwon) are all readily available. Yum!

We visited the Kenscoff market on Saturday, which is my favorite place to do our marketing because (a) it's closer to the source (much of the produce sold where we live in Petionville is grown near Kenscoff) and (b) we also get to go hiking when we're up there. Win and win.

Cabbage for making sauerkraut and beautiful beets

Also washing potatoes, green beans, carrots, leeks and watercress

Ben bakes up some tasty, tasty pumpkin bread

Roasting the seeds for a snack

Ruby red grapefruit from Desarmes - I'm already saving the peels for candying!
How could you not love November?


nerkert said...

Yummy! Reminds me of December in Cameroon.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you two are amazing. Seeing Ben making pumpkin bread right after seeing Caleb taking care of his girls reminds me again that I have THE most amazing brothers in the world. I feel so spoiled sometimes.... : ) Love, MED

caleb said...



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