Saturday, December 11, 2010

Calm-ish for now

Yesterday was more or less calm. I ventured to the market with Jillian in the morning, which was pretty empty but I bought eggs, tomatoes and a cabbage. The street was black from soot and there were still piles of smoldering garbage and a few tires. Not many people out. Later, Ben and I went out together on the motorcycle and we noticed a few new but unmanned roadblocks up and some downed billboards. I didn't see any Celestin posters that hadn't been torn down or defaced. 

Last night we heard the sounds of more protesting, but it was hard to tell where or by how many people.

This morning I went up to Place St. Pierre. Ironically, cash for work employees wearing the blue t-shirts from Wyclef Jean's Yele Foundation were cleaning the streets, sweeping up piles of charred paintings and campaign posters. The street in front of the CEP was blocked off by a UN tank, but the soldiers looked pretty relaxed. Most shops are open again and per our Saturday tradition, we bought breakfast at the bakery and have been working in our garden.

Although it feels like things are sort of back to normal, Haiti remains at a political impasse. Supposedly, the UN, international community, President Preval and the 3 leading presidential candidates met yesterday (as AFP put it, for "backroom deals") and a recount of the ballots is also supposedly taking place. Final election results for the first round will be announced December 20th, but it will be the beginning of February before final results of the 2nd round are announced. My sense is that we're in for a tense couple of months.

p.s. Sarah Palin arrives today.


nerkert said...

The Observer this morning said that things had calmed down. There have been calls from senators for Obama to withhold funding and visas until Haiti holds a fair election. Glad to know that you're safe. Is Ben going out to take pictures of SP?

caleb said...

who is sarah palin?

T & T Livesay said...

i assume palin fixed everything and solved every last issue and was super duper helpful?

Alexis said...



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