Sunday, December 5, 2010

One Pumpkin Goes a Long Way

I recently remembered that on January 5th, back when 2010 still seemed to be on a somewhat normal trajectory (what is normal, though, I wonder?), I wished all of our readers a year full of pumpkins.

Well, we got distracted there for a bit, but have since resumed our pumpkin eating ways. It's really quite amazing what you can make with a single pumpkin. For the purposes of this blog, we've documented the culinary life of this beauty:
Mug included for scale
In the States, we used to puree baked pumpkin in a food processor and freeze it. Since we have neither a food processor nor consistent refrigeration here (yep, we are this amazing in the kitchen WITHOUT much of a fridge), we skip the pureeing step and eat a lot of pumpkin in a very short amount of time.

With the holidays right around the corner, pumpkin + nutmeg/cinnamon/cloves/ginger is a festive tasting combination: in pancakes, cookies, bread pudding and scones:
The bread pudding was so good that it was almost finished before we thought to take a picture
The savory pumpkin dishes sound better than they tasted. Next time we'll be sticking to soup. You can't go wrong with pumpkin soup.
Pumpkin salad with lentils and feta
Pumpkin and black bean "tacos"
When we cut into it, about half of the pumpkin turned out to be rotten. I can't imagine how much pumpkin we'd still be eating if it hadn't been.


Rebecca said...

Ate pumpkin waffles 2 days in a row here in Ithaca...but made with canned puree. Welcome to America : )

Anonymous said...

Wow! Makes me miss your sharing of your cooking with us even more! love you lots! M & D

nerkert said...

You inspire me to use up the cans of pumpkin that I stockpiled before last year's shortage.


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