Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rumors, reports and articles

Sometime today Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) will announce the election results. Although it's widely expected that it will come down to a run-off election on January 16th between Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly, rumor has it that that the CEP may attempt to put the incumbent party's candidate, Jude Celestin, in the run-off (or even declare him winner of the first round). Other rumors assert that the CEP might include a third candidate (Celestin) in the run-offs.

If Celestin wins the election, it would be in unmistakable opposition to the will of the Haitian people, as witnessed by MCC staff and partners’ nationwide observation of ballot tabulations on Sunday, November 28th. It would also almost certainly spark widespread rioting.

Speaking of the elections, yesterday RNDDH released the English version of their 29-page report, with 12 pages outlining the irregularities, violence and fraud that observers witnessed throughout Haiti. It also explains why the international community's involvement in the elections has been an "embarrassing failure." Find it at rnddh.org

Speaking of rumors, I thought that this article on the cholera situation was really very good: How Rumors Rule in Cholera-Torn Haiti. It also appears that the question around the source of the cholera, which the UN has seemingly tried to spin as a rumor, is rumor no longer: Haiti Cholera Outbreak Came from UN Camp. Almost 50,000 people have now been hospitalized.

MCC is sending staff home after lunch.

Praying for transparent and legitimate election results, Peace with a capital P, etc.


Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your good reports...we continue to wait and pray with you! love you lots! M & D

ansel said...

Hey, I actually can't find the RNDDH report in English on their website Have a direct link?


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